Can you create a folder named “con” in windows ?

Can you create a folder named “con” in windows ?

The Answer is NO!

Why The answer is NO?

NO because when create a new folder and try to rename it to “con”, you know what happens?
In Windows XP the folder name automatically changes back to “New Folder” no matter you try any number of times. Where as in Windows Vista/7 when you try to rename the file you get an error message “The specified device name is invalid”.

The reason you can’t create a folder with these names is because these are reserved keywords used by DOS. The below screen-shot taken from Microsoft’s website shows a list of reserved keywords in DOS.
CON Key board and display.
PRN system list device, usually a parallel port.
AUX Auxiliary Device , usually a serial port.
CLOCK$ system real-time clock.
NUL Bit-bucket device.
A: – Z: drive letters.
COM1 First serial communication port.
LPT1 First parallel printer port.
LPT2 Second Parallel printer port.
LPT3 Third Parallel printer port.
COM2 Second serial communication port.
COM3 Third serial communication port.
COM4 Fourth serial communication port.

If you try creating a folder with any of these names, the name automatically changes back to the default “New Folder”. And this is what has caused the confusion. Instead of automatically renaming the folder, had an explanatory warning message popped up.

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